“Short Circuit Painful Heartache & Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend In A Matter Of Days, Instead Of Staying Hung Up & Heartbroken For Months Or Even YEARS After She Moves On...”

I'll Show You The Shortcut To Getting Over Your Ex Girlfriend, No Matter How Much Humiliation, Jealousy Or Pain You're Feeling, Or How Convinced You Are That You'll Never Feel The Same About Anyone Else...

Dear Friend,

       If it didn't work out with a girl that you really liked and you are going through the shock and pain of heartache and you don't know what to do next...Then this is the most important letter you could be reading right now.

       But first, I want to know a few more things, and these are pretty intense questions, so be totally honest and tell me if these seem familiar...

"I keep having conversations in my head with my ex girlfriend and I keep thinking about what I will say to her when I see her again."

"I feel like my mind is working overtime to figure out a way to get us back together to make sense out of what is going on."

"Right now consolation from my friends and family doesn't really make me feel that much better."

"I am overwhelmed by this profound edginess that keeps me wanting to see, call, text or email my ex..."

"I'm having trouble eating or sleeping or I have been overeating or sleeping too much to mask over the pain I'm feeling."

"I feel betrayed and angry but it doesn't make me want my ex any less."

"I'm overwhelmed by what I am going through right now, I feel confused and I'm not sure what to do next."

       Do any of these sound like what you are going through?

       If you are like I was when I was going through this in my life, then you can probably relate to several of them.

       The only thing I could think about was my ex girlfriend…Or more accurately, the lack of my ex girlfriend.

       Aside from the pain I was feeling everything else in my life seemed hazy and unimportant.

       In the city I was living in it seemed like brunette I saw looked kind of like her...

       And everytime I saw the same car she drove a part of me would jump inside because I thought it might be her.

       I felt stupid, but I just couldn't help it.

       I would think about my ex's mannerisms... The way she once looked at me when she was totally into me...

       Then I would think about how things got screwed up, and brood over how things could have been different if I hadn't screwed them up.

       On one hand I just wanted to do something amazing to win her back, make her see that she was making a mistake.

       And there was another part of me that just wanted to make her regret leaving.

       I wanted to make her jealous, I wanted her to see me with a hotter girl or out with my friends having a great time without her.

       I wanted her to see how my life was great and that she missed her chance to be a part of it...

       Even though secretly all I could think about was how to get her back in my life again...


AHHHHHHH This F&%#! Hurts!

      What I was going through pretty much weighed down everything else in my life.

      Like a VIRUS attacking the very core of my system and it was almost as if it made sure that nothing else in my life could run at full capacity.

      I found myself constantly fighting the urge to call my ex to talk about my pain, despite the fact that she had a considerable part in causing it...

      And regardless that I knew deep down that it was actually over.

      There was this profound edginess all the time, that would only go away when I had some kind of contact with her, or did things that reminded me of her.

      But at the same time, doing any of that would just cause MORE pain.

      There was also this powerful fear that I didn't want to face.

      There was a part of me that was truly convinced that this last heartbreak had scarred me in a way that I would never recover from.

      It was almost as if I somehow I felt "used up" by this whole ordeal with my ex girlfriend, and I would probably eventually settle for something mediocre at best.

      Sure, I knew eventually I would find someone else, but that didn't make me feel better at all. What I wanted was her, and I couldn't have her anymore.

      That had been my last shot, and I blew it.


What I Thought Would Make Me Feel Better Almost Always Did The Opposite

      I remember my friends and family said so many things to make me feel better, but they seemed to fall flat. I know they all meant well but none of it really spoke to where I was at.

      I hate to admit this, but I was also so consumed by being with this girl when we were together, that when things feel apart…I found I had let a lot of my previous friendships go stale, so I didn’t really have many close confidants to lean on.

      I know, I know...Don’t say it. Pretty lame, I know.

      If I got myself to go and talk to other girls, but for most part it wouldn't do anything for me.

      Drinking did make me feel better for a little while, but I would always feel worse afterwards.

      It was clear I was doing to it to mask over the pain, and not to go out and have a good time. It was also dangerously easy for me to convince myself that it was a good idea to call or text my ex when I had been drinking...

      I tried dating other women, but no one seemed to measure up, and every now and then when I would occasionaly meet one that I liked I could tell she could sense my wounded confidence ...So I wasn't having that much luck there anyway.

      I tried distracting myself as much as I could with work and school, but there would always be those times...

      In the evenings, weekends, or on holidays where I would catch myself alone in a situation that would bring up that intense longing again.

      The big turning point in this area of my life is when I became incredibly lucky and found a mentor.

      To this very day I consider myself to be very fortunate to have stumbled upon someone who was able to teach me what I so desperately needed to learn, even though didn't know it at the time.


The REAL Problems That Come From Painful Break Ups Are The Things Guys DON'T Talk About...

       Guys often make the mistake of pretending it isn't a big deal...

       The truth is more dismall than most people realize, and strangely, NOBODY every talks about it.

  • The end of a relationship is the biggest life event, along with the death of a loved one, that can lead to a depression, more so than the loss of a job.

  • After a painful breakup guys are often shown to be depressed, even though they often claim to be doing fine, mainly because they have become so effective at masking their suffering, even from themselves

  • Men often have less close ties to friends and family then women do, so the VOID left after the end of relationship is BIGGER for guys and is actually harder to deal with

  • Over a million American women report being stalked every year, 59% of them by boyfriends, husbands, former spouses or live in partners...And these are just the ones that are actually reported, as most are not.

  • Men are actually far more likely to engage in SELF DESTRUCTIVE behavior such as drugs and alcohol, and they are 3 times more likely than women to commit suicide

       So don't let ANYONE tell you that it isn't big deal or that you'll just get over it...

Telling Her How You "Really Feel" Or Trying Harder To Get Her Back Will Hurt You Even More

       I hate to be a spoilsport, but I really have to get this out there...

       The Hollywood style endings, (You know… the ones where she comes running back into the heros arms because he finally did something to show how much he really loves her...)

       Well they are just that; Hollywood endings.

       I know this not only from interviewing and coaching hundreds of men and women on both sides of this, but I’ve also been there...more times than a guy would probably want to admit.

       Once a girl has decided to move on, pouring your heart out, sending her gifts, begging her to comeback ultimately it will make you feel worse in the end.

       Whatever you do, don't be the guy your ex girlfriend talks about like this...

       Once a girl has decided to move on, pouring your heart out, sending her gifts, begging her to comeback ultimately it will make you feel worse in the end.

       The more you persist, no matter how real your feelings may be, the more it will come across to her as acts of desperation.

       In your ex girlfriend's mind, the line between acts of kindness and obsessive ex boyfriend may be different from yours.

       Once you cross that line in her mind, its almost impossible to redeem yourself after that.

       Your ex girlfriend is far more likely to respect you in the future (and be friends with you) if you quit while you are ahead.

       Which means manning up and walking away with your dignity.

       Oh yeah. It's easy to forget about this, but there is one more person that will respect you for keeping your composure and dignity.


       It may be really hard to see this now, but take from someone who has talked to hundreds of guys about this.

       Almost all guys regret acting out of desperation to get their ex girlfriends back, and they all most always wish they had quit while they were ahead.

Living Well Is The Best Revenge, But The Sad Truth Is Most Guys Live Worse

       What’s almost as bad as not being able to get her back?

       Seething and stewing in resentment for months or even YEARS afterwards.

       Many guys spend weeks, months or even years fuming on the inside over their break up and what their ex did to them.

       Aside from serious effects on your health and a huge drain of energy, the bottom line is, being angry all the time SUCKS.

       Then there is always the risk of becoming "that guy."

       You’ve probably met him before... You know, the guy who keeps talking about his ex all the time, and while at first people want to help, after a while they start to tune him out as soon as he starts another sentence with "That reminds me of my ex..."

      In many cases, even if they don't talk about it that much, their general bad mood and negative state makes it not only hard to make new friends but they also find themselves begining to be excluded from their current groups of friends.

       Guys will often pick up unhealthy habits just to escape the pain. Drugs, alchohol... overeating. On top of that they drop their own pursuits because they are emotionally and physically drained of energy.

       (Reruns of CSI, Lost and hours online playing World of Warcraft DO NOT fall into this category, by the way.)

       While its normal to experience loss and grief after a break up, often guys will get stuck thinking and acting in ways that cause them to spiral downwards into a full blown DEPRESSION, which in most cases can then only be treated by professional therapy and medication.

Ironically, The Blow To Your Confidence Actually Makes You Less Attractive To Other Women

       Guys are far more likley to try to go out and fill the void they are feeling with another girl.

       There a piece of advice that has been floating around that says "Sleep with ten girls and you'll be over your ex."

       This may actually work for some guys, but there is catch.

       Most guys notice that when they have a girlfriend, other girls generally are more forward and flirtatious.

       The confidence and happiness you feel when you are with a girl you're really into is obvious to women on a very subtle level.

       Well, when you are trying to fill the emptiness you're feeling with a new girl, this same principle starts working against you.

       But of course for most guys who are still hung up on their ex, the shadow of their relationship with their ex girlfriend becomes a grinding saw that chips away at their confidence.

       Women sense this in men.

       Ironic isn't it? The one thing you need to attract other women is the very same thing your ex girlfriend takes with her when she leaves.

       Worse yet, when many guys do find a replacement, they bring old baggage from their breakup into the new relationships sabotage them from the start..

       This is especially true with guys whose ex girlfriend left them for another guy or cheated on them.

       They become convinced that it will happen again so they act in all kinds of jealous, needy and possesive ways that, in many cases, causes this to become self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Exciting Single Life Really Starts When You Are Truly Free From Your Ex Girlfriend

       Most guys, at one point or another want to enjoy the perks of being single before they get into another relationship.

       There is an appeal of the care free lifestyle and being able to date whenever and whomever they want and actually enjoy the excitement of being attracted to new women.

       Problem is many guys can't adjust to being single, even though they want to.

       Because they never truly get over their ex, being single is more painful and brings them too much anxiety to be able to get the most out of it.

       They look at being single as the uncomfortable space between relationships and NOT a time of freedom and growth that they can really enjoy. 

       Instead of settling into their new found freedom they look for ways to fill the VOID left behind,

       Often this will drive them to rush into (or worse yet, settle for) another relationships that they don't really want or aren't ready for.

       Of course, a few years down the line when they are hanging out with their single friends they regret that they didn’t take advantage of their own time to enjoy single.


"Social Conditioning" Has Guys All Screwed Up

       The truth is most of us men in our culture have been taught so many things that are conflicting and harmful, it actually causes us to make thing WORSE.

       Guys risk being seen as weak or pathetic if they take a break up badly, so we not only walk around pretending we're okay, but we also feel stupid for being so upset in the first place.

      We don't even know how to handle this kind of pain.

      We withdraw, we don't talk about it. We distract ourselves with work, school, video games...

      Or we do what others guys do... You know, a bowl of wings, some beer and a few nudy bars should be enough to fix it, right?

      You and I both know that's bull&$#!

      But the social conditioning runs much deeper than that.

      The music, movies and television we have been watching our whole lives has poured all these ideas about "love is forever" and "soulmates" that now we think if we are really in love, we shouldn't move on.

      That somehow it is actually a good thing to stay in love with a girl long after she's moved on or that its somehow "romantic" to keep trying to win her back.

      If you need a reminder just turn on the radio for 5 minutes... How many love songs do you hear? What are they about?


      And how many movies or television shows end with the girl finally coming back to the hero because he did something to show how much he really loved her... And that she just had to realize he was "the one" all along.

      You might think this stuff is harmless...

      But if you don't think seeing and hearing this in the background your whole life has an effect on how you think things should play out...

      You're wrong.

      So essentially our social programming has told us...

      1.) As guys we risk being seen as pathetic if we admit to feeling heartbroken.

      2.) But at the same time if its "true love" in spite of everything, the pain, exhaustion, hopelessness we should still hang on.

      3.) If we decide to move on we have been told all the WRONG ways to do it.

      Not only do these ideas conflict, but they are also harmful. And more importantly, they are WRONG.

      They are also the reason why so many guys spend so much time screwed up over their ex girlfriends.

      If you feel conflicted and confused about what you are going through right now, it's not your fault.

      Fortunately there are ways around the bad programming we've all had.

What YOU Do & Think Has A Direct Effect On How Fast You Feel Better & Whether You Can Ever Fully Move On

       I hate to break this to you.

       If you loved this girl enough to feel heartbroken, you are going to have to experience some pain and suffering.

       You wouldn't be human if you didn't.

       In fact, you have to feel some pain, if you are going truly get over her. This is just part of the healing process.

       The question here is how much pain? And for how long?

       Where most guys go wrong is that the habits and patterns of thinking they develop in the confusing and chaotic time when they are feeling heartbroken actually keeps them from healing.

       In fact, it just amplifies the pain.

       What you rehearse and repeat in your mind conditions how you think.

       While on one hand it is natural to hash things out, vent and let things play out in your head...

       There is a certain point where this goes from a natural release to forming a habit that becomes harder and harder to stop.

       I'm sure you know this already, that thinking this stuff just makes you feel worse... But it's just so HARD to stop.

       These thoughts keep recycling in our minds, gaining momentum because the part of us that is still in love is trying somehow to solve a situation we no longer have control over.

       This is where it ceases to even be about love anymore.

       It's just repetitive self torture that seems like we have no control over.

The Trick To Moving On & Feeling Better Fast Is To Let Your "Psychological Immune System" Do ALL The Work

       Whether you know it or now, you have within all the natural mechanisms to recover from being heartbroken.

       The problem is that most guys get in their own way.

       Think about what happens when you get a really bad flu.

       You take medication to feel better, but ultimately you are simply setting up the conditions for you body to heal itself.

       You rest, you stay out from the cold, and you supply your body with what it needs to heal itself.

       What you DON'T do is go out drinking, hit the gym for 2 hours a day, avoid sleep... etc.

       The BIGGEST reason guys spend so much time suffering from a broken heart, longing for their ex, and ultimately driven to do and say things they regret later is because they are essentially doing the same things.

       Guys often trap themselves by a vicious cycle of repetative thoughts, images, and habits that fuel the emptiness they feel. Sometime this goes on for years.

       The worst part of it all, is that they don't even know they are doing it.

       Part of the reason why is that even though many people really fear the pain of heartbreak, they don't think about it until they are really in it.

       I mean really, nobody thinks about this stuff when they dont need to (aside from me).

       Well, like a car breaking down, losing a job, or getting sick, you may not think about it much when things are good, but when they do happen, it becomes ALL you can think about.

       But UNLIKE being stranded in a car, jobless, or bedridden with the flu, being heartbroken is not only incredibly more profound...

       ...but it's a little more difficult to figure out WHERE you can get the knowlegde to deal with a break up and get over an ex girlfriend without so much pain.

       That is why I wrote my book...

Here are just a few of the amazing tips, techniques, and secrets you will find inside...

How To Navigate A Painful "On & Off" Situation, Indecisiveness & How To Know When To Finally Quit

Your Ex
  • Is your ex girlfriend sending you mixed signals? Here are the most common reasons why. (These can be pretty painful to accept, but seeing these now can keep from MORE pain in the future)- pg. 72
  • How to know if she is just being "nice" or feels guilty, or if she is really sending you signals that she wants you to keep trying to pursue her. (Guys almost always get these mixed up)
  • Here are 3 signs that she is conflicted between you and another guy she's recently met... How to tell even if she hasn't said anything to you about him - pg. 37
  • NEWFLASH: Your ex may not know what she wants. A "counter-intuitive" trick to see if she is really planning to leave you for good - pg. 39
  • What if she still wants a relationship with you after she cheated on you with another guy? Here is a simple yet effective way to tell if you can still salvage the relationship - pg. 51
  • What if youre convinced she is making a mistake or that she is just sabotaging herself? Here is how to tell if you should start moving on or try again - pg. 19
  • What if she is trying to get YOU to break up with her? Some girls just cant muster up the courage or feel too guilty to do it. Here are the signs she wants out but can't do it herself - pg. 42
  • 7 "Below the radar" psychological "gliches" that are keeping you from letting go EVEN if you know you should move on - pg. 46
  • A mature "comeback" to say to a her if she has been really rude to that shoots straight through to her psychological core and makes her regret the way she's been acting - pg. 35
  • Why so many guys get stuck in the "Its complicated" phase and cause themselves so much more pain and the easy-to-fall-for backsliding mistakes to avoid - pg. 43

How To "Short Circuit" The Heartbreak, Powerful Edginess, & Anxiety After Or During A Break Up


  • A plain English breakdown of what is really going on when you get that "broken heart" feeling (Understanding this will allow you to have more CONTROL over it in the coming days and weeks) - pg. 20

  • The 3 part process that shows exactly how constant thoughts about your ex control your mood, why YOU can't control them, and what you can do to SHORT CIRCUIT them before they get worse - pg. 22
  • How to stop the negative feedback loop that can spiral downwards from normal feelings of loss to overwhleming feelings of depression with this simple "mind hack" when you feel the onset - pg. 41
  • What is that empty feeling? I'll bet the answer is not what you think it is... Once you know this it won't ever be "overwhleming" again (If you are kind of the romantic type, this one will shock you)- pg. 30
Edginess & Anxiety
  • A quick technique that allows you to diffuse that "stir crazy" feeling (This is not only scientifically PROVEN, but the more you do it, the more powerful the effects become) - pg. 32
  • A simple technique to use in your room, apartment or office RIGHT NOW that will take the edge off and naturally distract you in the coming weeks or months. The best part is that you can learn this in 2 minutes and start feeling its effects TONIGHT - pg. 59

Speeding Up The Recovery Process As Fast As Humanly Possible

The Coming Days & Weeks
  • Exactly what to expect in the coming days and weeks, and how to speed up the process so you can be back at 100% mentally, physically and emotionally as fast as humanly possible
  • The biggest mistakes most guys make that keep their "physcological immune system" from doing the healing on its own, and how to avoid them - pg. 34
  • Diffusing the gut-wrenching pain of going "cold turkey" if the relationship ended suddenly. Here is a "first aid kit" with specific remedies to get you through it - pg. 36
  • What if it feels like you might be headed towards a depression? Not being able to sleep, sleeping to much, loss of appetite and no motivation can hit hard after a painful break up. Here is a plan to lift you out of it before it actually becomes a chronic problem - pg. 17
Common Mistakes That Keep You Stuck
  • A powerful illustration of why moving on seems impossible for the first few days and weeks and how buying into this "illusion" can actually make it TRUE by doing so. (This one idea can change the process around DRAMTICALLY)- pg. 27
  • The fatal error that guys have been "socially programmed" to make that ALWAYS makes moving on much harder (It's actually a very simple fix, it's just hard for some guys to do; I'll show you the easiest way) - pg. 44
  • If you keep beating yourself up because you are convinced that you "blew it" and can't stop thinking the mistakes that you made. Here is a powerful "reframe" that will ensure you never beat yourself up over this girl ever again - pg. 41
  • The 5 traits that men who naturally recover fast have and how to cultivate them (These are traits YOU already have, now you just have to give them a little tweak) - pg. 9
  • There will be a "tipping point" when the pain of the break up begins to lift very quickly. Here is the critical error you must NOT make when you get there (this mistake can literally undo all of your progress)- pg. 54

Setting Yourself Up So You Effortlessly Beat The Temptation To Call, Email Or Check Her Online Profiles

Knowing If It's Time To Quit
  • How to know if you have crossed the line and you are now becoming the guy she tells her friends "can't take no for answer" (Many guys get angry when they read this because they wish they knew these earlier)- pg. 63
  • What to do in those moments when you are tempted to contact her, even though you know you shouldn't. Here is how to keep your calm and maintain your dignity in even the weakest moments - pg. 74
  • What if she told you to call her or keep in touch, or she keeps calling you? How do you know if she really means it or if she is just being nice? Here is an easy way to tell so you know if she is just stringing you along - pg. 74
  • Exactly what to say to her before you cut off contact. This might be the one thing that actually ensures a future friendship or the possibility of rebuilding of a relationship, and why 90% of the time guys screw this up - pg. 81
Resisting Temptation
  • 3 signs you are creating reasons to still see, contact or email her and how you can tell if you are tricking yourself into hanging on - pg. 47
  • How to set yourself and your surroundings up automatically so there is actually no temptations to resist, no willpower to burn, no more feeling bad after you give in - pg. 91
  • How to make your exit so you'll not only walk away with dignity but will leverage two little-known psychological principles that will also MASSIVELY increases the chances of the two of you being friends in the future) - pg. 87
  • Tempted to check her Facebook or MySpace to see what she is doing or if she with any other guys? Here is simple trick that will allow you to avoid such an easy temptation without having to avoid being online or deleting your account - pg. 96

Diffusing Intense Onsets Of Loneliness, Longing For Your Ex & "Love Attacks"

Longing For Your Ex
  • Nights, weekends and holidays are usually the toughest... Here is a "took kit" to use to make sure you dont find yourself in one of these longing situations - pg. 86
  • What to do with all of your photos, emails, text messages and all other media with her in it that does NOT involve destroying them (You'll kick yourself for not thinking of this one before)- pg. 73
  • People will MOVE TO ANOTHER CITY because everything around them reminds them of their ex? Here is a 3 part process to re-create the same effects without doing anything as drastic - pg. 102
  • The truth about what loneliness really is. This is usually a sticky topic for guys; I'm going to break it down and give you detailed actions you can take to prevent the onset of loneliness - pg. 33
  • The fear of being alone often drives guys to keep trying to get back with their ex Here is a step by step plan to alter your daily life so you don't give in - pg. 73
  • Being around your friends and family often doesnt make the loneliness after a break up go away... In fact in some cases it actually makes things feel worse. Here is why, and what you can do about it - pg. 74
  • The dreaded "Love Attack"; those times when you are overwhelmed with pain and longing for your ex. These WILL happen in the coming days and weeks. How to spot the times they are most likely to happen, and how to get IMMEDIATE relief - pg. 55

Exactly What To Say In Your Situation That Will Allow You To Walk Away With The Upper Hand

Those Last Few Conversations
  • Did you know that most people define ENTIRE relationships by how it ends? Here are some tips and strategies to deal with the those final (sometimes really painful) talks that will allow you maintain the upper hand - pg. 91
  • How to cut through the "Emotional fog" that keeps you from saying what you really want to say, without beating around the bush, and "choking" at the last moment - pg. 97
  • The 3 traits any man must display in those final interactions will command respect of your ex, no matter what your current situation is - pg. 94
  • 12 words that will literally turn the tables even if you have already called too much, begged her to stay, cried, or did anything else that gave her the upper-hand... This one thing will make it far more likely that you will ever be able to rebuild anything in the future - pg. 93
  • What if she stopped calling or she just disappeared (this can really mess a lot of guys up). Here is game plan for handling this especially painful kind of ending - pg. 74
  • A very counter-intuitive psychological trick that will leave your relationship open for friendship in the future when YOU choose to initiate it - pg. 68

Conquering The Anger & Jealousy So It Doesn't Consume Your Life Or Effect Future Relationships

  • Being cheated on can eat away at a guys self-esteem for months or years to come. How soften the blow and quickly get to a place where it doesnt bother you anymore - pg. 43
  • Some guys are plagued with constant imagry of their ex with the "other guy" (even if there is no other guy) and they repeatedly imagine them over and over. Here are some tricks to "white them out" as they come up - pg. 49
  • A perspective shift on what jealousy REALLY is. This will change how you experience jealousy and eliminate the guilt and anger most guys also feel when they get jealous - pg. 49
  • Here is a powerful trick to get you to stop comparing yourself to other guys and keep wondering what about you made her pass you up for him instead - pg. 45
  • Guys often become so angry that it consumes them, and all they think about is ways to make her jealous, tell her off, or get her back somehowHere is a powerful set of techniques to get you to a place where you "Literally just dont care" enough to be bothered by it - pg. 71
  • The one thing you must NEVER do if you are still really pissed off during those last few talks with your ex (If you make this mistake you will almost surely be consumed with thoughts about it for weeks) - pg. 53

How To Break Free Of A Toxic Post Break Up Friendship And Leave The Door Open For A Future Friendship

Staying Friends
  • What if you were best friends and you are used to talking to her all the time? Should you stay friends? How to know whether you should salvage a friendship or walk away from the whole thing - pg. 27
  • She says she just wants to be friendsWhen girls say this most of the time this is what they really mean (this almost always throws guys off) - pg. 52
  • The critical mistake guys make that almost always destroy the chances of a future friendship The good news is you can stop doing these things IMMEDIATELY so they dont cause anymore damage - pg. 57
  • She said she is dating other guys Here is how to tell if she is trying to to make you jealous so you pursue her more or if she is giving you a chance to leave first (Girls do this a lot and most of the time guys get the wrong message) - pg. 73
  • Why it is critical that YOU initiate any decisions on how and where the friendship is going to go. Here is how to do it, and exactly what to say - pg. 95
  • Here are the unconscious reasons most guys want to stay friends, and end up torturing themselves in the process. Find out if YOU fit into this category - pg. 64
If You Cant Avoid Seeing Her
  • What if you work together or you cant avoid seeing her (awkward). Here are some straightforward ways to save yourself a lot of pain and be able to relax and not worry about seeing her all the time - pg. 83
  • You live to together and things have fallen apart This is one of the most painful situations anyone can be in; I have a step by step way to handle all of pain points of living together after a break up, from handling logistics to dating again - pg. 86

Dealing With Your Social Group; Mutual Friends, Her Friends & Your Friends

Dealing With Friends Who Knew You "As A Couple"
  • If youre pissed off at your ex, should your friends take sides? What if she still hangs out with some of your friends? How to handle this in a way that helps you save face - pg. 90
  • What if you guys hang out with the same social circle and have many of the same friends? Here is how to sort out a messy social situation so your break up doesnt affect your other relationships - pg. 86
  • Here is another sticky one What if you guys made friendships while you were together, how do you handle those? Here is a way to approach those situations that allow you to maintain those friendship and let your ex deal with awkwardness - pg. 96
  • What if she cheated on you with one of your friends? This can be one of the most painful and paralyzing situation of all. Here is a detailed way to handle every party involved that will save you face - pg. 102

Clearing A "Blank Slate" To Fully Prepare You For New & Exciting Relationships

How You Know When You've Really Moved On
  • How long should you wait until you look for another relationship? How do you know when you are really ready or if you are just trying fill the void left by your ex. (This is especially useful for guys who might consider themselves "seriel monogamist" and are used to being in a relationship) - pg. 91
  • 5 fatal errors make when guys start new relationships right after a break up that will almost guarantee your new relationship will FAIL or worse yet, follow the same course as your last relationship - pg. 92
Avoiding The Mistakes Guys Make That Ruin New Relationships
  • Why so many guys come across as "needy" or desperate to women right after they get out of a relationship; here is a checklist to make sure you arent making any of the same mistakes - pg. 78
  • How to get past the crippling fear that "no one else will make you feel the same as your ex" (This is one of the most powerful tips in the entire book) - pg. 61
  • The most frightening things to many guys is that they will meet another special women and the same thing will happen again. Here is a set of "thought experiments" that will keep this from happening - pg. 65

"I was actually about to send my ex an email (One I had spent hours writing and rewriting) and I'm glad I found your stuff before I did I know by now I would have felt worse for sending it."

Brent, - UK

"Honestly, I was dreading finding myself in the self-help isle of a bookstore, thanks for saving me that trip..."

Amit, - UK

"The trick with the music really made all the difference after a few days. That surprised me."

B., Financial advisor - NYC

"I looked for all kinds of things to make me feel better... Instead of the normal clichs you actually gave me practical, real world information, advice, and things I could actually do something with. "

M.,IT Specialist - San Antonio, TX

"I was dreading finding myself in the self-help isle of a bookstore, thanks for saving me that trip... Thanks man."

Brandon, Student - White Plains, NY

"Knowing what to expect in the next few weeks has already made things easier. The fact that the pain I was feeling had up and downs I could anticipate gave me a sense of control."

Clayton, student - UK

"Understanding the whole process made it go from a seeming life or death trauma to something like getting over a bad flu."

M., Linguist- Rockville, MD

"Honestly, I'm not a big fan of reading these types of things... Thank you for giving me all the useful advice without making me read for hours."

G, Law student - Los Angeles, CA

"Being in a small town, I was terrified of running into my ex again...Everytime I was making plans to go places I would worry that I would see her. Now that I'm over it, that just doesn't bother me anymore."

V, Student - Bakersville, CA

The Sad Fact Is That Most Guys Won't Even Bother To Look For Answers

      The fact that you are even looking for answers in this area of your life puts you in a very small group of guys.

      Guys often are too proud to ask for help in this area of their life or they feel helpless to do anything about it.

      They "wait it out" and just soak in the pain, literally for years sometimes until it finally passes...

      Even then they end up seething with resentment and anger for the effect has had on them.

      And most of the time they aren't even aware that is what's happening to them.

      Then there is a much smaller group of guys who actually face what's going on and the do whatever it takes to push through it.

      They come out the other side feeling empowered and more confident about how they are going to deal with women and relationships in the future.

      I've done both of these, and I can tell you right now...

      Waiting it out does NOT work.

      I want to bring you the insight that not only comes from going through it several times myself, but also helping literally hundreds of guys through the whole process.

As A Bonus Youll Get My "Advanced Techniques" Booklet

      The most painful aspect of being heartbroken is exhausting repetition that goes on in your head. Many guys spend almost all of their thoughts on:
  • Replaying conversations in their head
  • Being reminded of their ex wherever they go
  • Constantly seeing girls that look like their ex
  • Rehearsing what they will say the next time they see their ex
  • Bothered by memories of the good times they had together
  • Haunted by images of their ex girlfriend with another guy
      These are a natural part of healing and these usually diminish over time but for many guys these spin out of control and become self-torture they have no control over.

      After putting out my "7 First Steps For Relief" I got a strong response from people who really said they benefited from ACTION oriented techniques.

      So I decided to compile together the most powerful cutting edge techniques available ANYWHERE that eliminate repetative thoughts, images and fantasies.

      You won't find a compilation of these little known techniques anywhere else on the planet. This is a fusion of techniques from various disciplines, some conventional and some "underground".

      WARNING: These are designed to "force feed" relief to even the most stubborn and resistant minds. This is very powerful material, and you should only use these techniques when you are REALLY ready to move on.

      You'll learn:
  • How to change the memories of you and your ex to pleasant memories instead of haunting and painful ones. This is a 4 step visualization technique that can be done in 5 minutes, and everytime you use it the MORE effective it becomes - pg. 3
  • A powerful "reframe recipe" that will zero in on the thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from wanting to move on. You'll be surprised how better you will feel just after this one exercise - pg. 5
  • Here is a powerful prescription for weeding out the "inner critic" that keeps fueling your bad moods, by adding one little twist to the thoughts it will instantly unhook their effect on your mood - pg. 4
  • A simple practice that will allow you to eliminate runaway "thought-loops" about your ex; this teaching has its origins in Buddhist meditation practices and has been "modified" for this specific use - pg. 6
  • A visualization technique that will actually weaken the emotional attachment you have to your ex girlfriend (Again, I warn you to use these with care) - pg. 11
  • Here is a really effective exercise that will alow you to integrate the memory of your relationship into your entire life, so that you start to regain your own identity - pg. 16
  • A quick imagry excercise that trains your unconscious to let go, but does so without feeling unnatural or forced - pg. 7
  • A simple "fast forward" exercise that will help put you in the mindset of guy who is single, enjoying the dating life and new relationships and new options with women - pg. 13
  • A should-be-patented "Lemon Squeeze" technique that will help you erase recurring images or thoughts of your ex with other guys - pg. 14

Here Is What Will Happen

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The Biggest Regret Guys Have Is NOT That They Let Their Ex Girlfriend Go...It's That They Missed Out On So Much During The Months Or Years They Spent Hanging On

Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get over your ex ONE day sooner. What is one less day of that empty and lonely feeling worth?

What if a just one technique you learn makes all the difference between a relaxed, fun evening out with your friends or staying at home still upset because you can't stop thinking about your ex?

What if you no longer have the crippling fear of heartbreak no matter how many interesting, attractive women you date in the future? What would that be worth?

What if you have the confidence that comes from knowing how ever things turn out with ANY girl, you know that you'll be okay and you can move on? How much stronger do you think you would come across to women if they could sense that in you?

What if you could walk through your town or city and never worry about seeing your ex, because you have the assurance that if you did, it wouldn't effect you or you would probably be too busy enjoying the company of your date for that evening to even care?

What would that be worth to you? A hundred dollars? Five hundred dollars? More?

Looking back now, I honestly, really wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience for $27 when I went through my last few painful breakups.

"Comfort Food" Delivery...$30

      The impulse to fill the void after a breakup can feel very much like hunger. In fact, most people treat it as if it is and they tend to overeat to make themselves feel better.

      In most cases this "food therapy" can make you end up feeling worse about yourself and yet another reason to beat yourself up. So be careful of the urge to binge eat when you are feeling down.

A Night Out On The Town...$80

      Drinking to make themselves feel better is common thing guys do to escape from the pain of a breakup.

      But instead of a great release from all the built up anxiety and a chance to reconnect with friends... Guys will often feel worse afterwards than they did before, because that emptiness is still there when they get home.

      There is of course the added danger of the drunk dial, drunk text, and the drunk out-in-front-of-the-exes-lawn at 3 am (Not that you would ever do that...)

"Feel Good" Shopping...$100+

      Another really common distraction guys get tempted to do is to go out and buy things. Clothes, electronics, appliances, etc. You name it.

      This often will just make you feel better for a little while, but ultimately filling up the emptiness temporarily with new stuff is not the answer.

A Therapist...$200 Per Hour

      Some kinds of therapy can address many of the same issues that are covered in Get Over Her Now. Only problem is it takes MUCH longer to start seeing the benefits that you can get from reading and applying the techniques in this book.

      And that is ONLY if you are lucky enough to find a sophisticated result-oriented therapist, and not one that just lets you spin your wheels only to prescribe you medication when you are done.

Loss of Time, Enjoyment, & Productivity...$1000+

      Heartache clouds the mind, wears down the body, and constantly stirs up painful emotions.

      The bottom line is the more you put off getting this part of your life handled, the longer the other goals, dreams and new relationships are going to be on standby.

Damage to Future Relationships...$$$?

      Time and time again I have seen new relationships get ruined because the guy is still bitter about or hung up on his ex.

      The anger, frustration, mistrust, and the expectation of failure from the bad break up seep into the new one. This can cripple a new relationship right from the start, or worse, it negatively affects the relationship after it gets serious.

Read It First, Then Decide

Don't Decide Now…
Read “Get Over Her Now”
Risk Free For 30 Days

      So Now I'm going to put my money where my mouth is...

       A friend of mine once said, "you can't fake knowing how to play the saxophone... Once you get on stage and start blowing, everyone is going to know if you can play or not."

      Well, I want to give you the same kind of proof and let you decide if I'm the real deal or not.

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       Take 7 days to read the book and start applying the techniques you learn.

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       I truly want to help you get a blank slate and truly get over your ex girlfriend so you can enjoy being single without feeling empty. I get emails every day from guys who have used this material to move on DRAMATICALLY fast, and I want to help you too.

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      Armed with this knowledge, I promise you are going to feel like a new man within 21 days of reading this book and using the ideas and techniques inside it. Once you apply the concepts and techniques, you'll notice:

The feeling of power has switched back to you, and is no longer influenced by your ex.

The confidence that if you run into your ex girlfriend again, it won't be a big deal for you (it will be a mystery to her, but you'll know...)

The "anything can happen now" feeling of excitement with all the new possibilities you will have with women.

The powerful confidence that comes from directly facing this part of your life and overcoming it.

A vibrant, growing social life that will lead to more dates and more options with women.

      And there's one more thing you'll notice.

      I can't say when. It may happen the day you finish the book...within the first couple of weeks... or a couple of months down the road, but it will happen. I promise you. I refer to this as the "tipping point" in the process

      It will feel like a fog has lifted... When it happens you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

      Why? Two reasons. First, any fears or doubts you had about your ability to be happy without your ex girlfriend will be gone.

      And second... perhaps for the first time in a long time... you will see an exciting, adventurous single life ahead of you.

      Talk to you soon,

      Dan Dennick

Author - Get Over Her Now

Drop me an email at Daniel@getoverhernow.com

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The Concepts & Techniques In This Book Are Specifically For Guys In Your Situation

P.S.S.S. I am dedicated to this being the best source for guys who need help with getting through painful breakups. I try to read and respond to all of my emails, and if I get special questions that I think many guys can relate to I put them in my newsletter

Quotes From Get Over Her Now Readers...

"I had just come back from a tour of duty in Iraq to find my fiance had cheated on me. I was so devastated, and to make things worse I was still trying to get her back. I still feel kind of stupid for being so weak, but I'm so glad its over now. Reading your book helped me move on."

Craig, - Fort Worth, TX

"I really couldn't accept that it was over because I kept thinking about it over and over again. Couldn't sleep at night, and it was begining to be obvious at work that there was something wrong. I was playing World of Warcraft pretty much all evening so I didn't have to think about it. Thanks for getting me out of that funk."

Jared - Tampa, FL

"...Stuck watching television and eating fried chicken every night. I didn't even bathe for a few days and I didn't care. It didn't feel like things were going to get better and thats when my ex girlfriend had her friend come by my house to get her stuff. She didn't even want to see me that last time, and I almost lost it. The chapter about painlessly cutting off contact was really helpful."

Chad, - New York, NY

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